Voodoo Alliance

Room Targets

Complete all levels, on a road opening and pushing a doors to in a correct order.

Sweet Planet

Monsters is trying to escape - build towers on Sweet Planet and destroy them.

Paper Chains

Cut chains in a particular order and at the right time to swing the bombs into the monsters.


Float the people and prevent them from drowning once water floods the city.

Ragdoll Salvation: Bow Master

Release the chubby stickmen from their ropes with as few arrows as possible.

Red Boom

Shoot cannonballs as you try to pop all of the red balloons in the paper world. Don't let the balloons float off the screen. More than 50 levels, enjoy the game!

Nuclear Ragdoll

Launch stickmen from your cannon so that they make contact with the red target in each level.


Defeat the evil mech fighters and free the hostage from captivity with a barrage of gunfire!

Mad Worms Intrusion

Worms are coming to eat your apples. Kill them!

Voodoo Alliance, 2021